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ZZPhuis is an automated platform that connects the self-employed (ZZP) with construction companies. Thanks to ZZPhuis, cooperation between you is simple and safe. ZZP is a virtual "order exchange"

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Thanks to ZZPhuis, you will find specialists for your project quickly and safely

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Verification of the self-employed:

ZZP registered on ZZPhuis are verified in the commercial register (KvK), and their european VAT number (BTW) is confirmed by European system VIES.

Quick order creation wizard

Adding a new job takes less than 2 minutes. Create any number of orders and receive proposals from contractors.

Negotiation of rates and automatic generation of contracts

The self-employed propose dates and fees - you approve them or make a counter-proposal. Finally, you automatically generate the model contract or your own template, personalized by ZZPhuis.

Efficient acceptance of hours worked

Approve or send the number of hours worked for correction, and then download all invoices with one click.

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How much will you pay

You pay only when the contractor completes the order - no cure - no pay!

You will always see the amount of the commission next to the proposals sent by the contractor

The total cost of the commission is our rate approved by you at the time of accepting the offer, times the number of hours worked by the contractor

Test it risk-free now. Create an account and create orders for free! You will pay the commission only for the hours worked under the contracts concluded with contractors.

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What do the contractors say about ZZPhuis?

Clearly defined terms of cooperation appeal to me. I easily managed to find a new order and I am sure that the principal is reliable, solvent and I am going to work tomorrow without any uncertainties.

Patrycja Zielonka

Finally, I found a specific site, where the terms of orders are clearly presented, where I decide myself how much I will get paid for it and do not worry about the paperwork. Intuitive layout of the site makes it easy even for a layman like me to navigate the site looking for something new.

Kamil Bobowski

As a Polish company, I was afraid to apply for orders in the Netherlands. Fortunately, we already have I recommend this service.

Paweł Preisner

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