Are you a construction specialist looking for jobs in the Netherlands? is a Polish-language portal through which you search for orders and conclude contracts directly with a client in the Netherlands.

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How ZZPhuis works

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  • Browse the orders in your area
  • Get to know the details of the orders
  • Suggest your rates and dates

Negotiate and confirm the deal with one click and generate an agreement with the client automatically

Settle hours worked on an ongoing basis and confirm them by the client

Generate automatically a correct invoice based on confirmed hours

Intuitive application

Do you work outside the office? Use the ZZPhuis mobile application on your phone. Straight and in Polish. Download the ZZPhuis mobile app on GooglePlay or AppStore.

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Convenient viewing of orders and submitting orders

Browse the orders in your area, try the free subscription, get to know the details of the orders and propose your fee and dates.

Simple generation of contracts and contract review

Negotiate and then confirm the deal with one click and generate the contract automatically. View saved orders and documents.

Easy recording of hours worked

Settle the hours worked on an ongoing basis and systematically approve them with the client.

Generate invoices quickly

One click and you automatically generate a correct invoice based on confirmed hours.

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Comprehensive support for your business in the Netherlands

    Self-employed in the Netherlands

  • Register your sole proprietorship (ZZP) with KvK
  • Activate BTW number (VAT)
  • Create a compulsory health insurance policy

    You do not have an address in the Netherlands yet, do you need a registered office for your company?

  • Additionally, select the serviced office package
  • Receive traditional mail and notifications about it
  • Store your documents in a protected locker in the serviced office
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Do you need a Polish/Dutch-speaking accountant? Additionally, select the booking module

    Do you need more?

  • We will organize an interpreter
  • We will answer calls for you in Dutch
  • We will put you in touch with a Polish-speaking lawyer

What are others saying about ZZPhuis?

Clearly defined terms of cooperation appeal to me. I easily managed to find a new order and I am sure that the principal is reliable, solvent and I am going to work tomorrow without any uncertainties.

Patrycja Zielonka

Finally, I found a specific site, where the terms of orders are clearly presented, where I decide myself how much I will get paid for it and do not worry about the paperwork. Intuitive layout of the site makes it easy even for a layman like me to navigate the site looking for something new.

Kamil Bobowski

As a Polish company, I was afraid to apply for orders in the Netherlands. Fortunately, we already have I recommend this service.

Paweł Preisner

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